All About Green Cutting Mats

With an expanding range of green cutting mats available, we wanted to explain a bit more about how these surface protection products can be your best friend in factory, dressmaking, or craft situations. With the pandemic conditions of recent times, there has been a rise in crafts as a hobby or part-time work role. Undertaking crafts keeps the creativity alive in us and can have a therapeutic effect aiding mental health and well-being.

What Sizes Are They?

Practical and well-priced, these workbench cutting mats come in a total of 7 sizes with handy grid markings as explained in the video below. From A4 size upwards, we stock A3, A2, A1, and A0 sizes and also an 1800 x 900mm mat.  

Are Green Cutting Mats Environmentally Friendly?

Yes. These mats are now made from 5 layers of recycled material instead of 3 layers and are eco-friendly products both by nature of what they are made from and how they can, in turn, be recycled themselves. Unique among suppliers of cutting mats, Rhino Innovations offer a recycling scheme as part of our active sustainability policy where you can send used cutting mats back to us and we will arrange to recycle for you.

Are These Cutting Mats Self-Healing?

Yes, they have a fast self-healing surface which is a different colour on each side, one green and one grey. These are marked out with a useful grid of measurements to allow you to cut leather, paper, cardboard, and fabrics accurately with scalpels or fabric rotary cutters. If you have time then please see the video to better understand and if you would like to place an order please see the button below. Do all cutting mats have a self-healing surface? Sadly no, some that can be sourced do not have the self-healing feature although all Rhino options do.

What Are They Used For?

There are several uses, but common ones would be design and technology in schools, crafts, workshops, upholsterers, leather working, dressmaking and for protecting workstation surfaces on production lines. If you have any queries then please do be free to speak to us on 01280 840293 or email us at: [email protected]

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