Rhino Innovation Ltd Eco Policy

The Environment – We Care

One of our primary objectives is to ensure that our products and services comply with our Environmental Policy. This means we consistently endeavour to use systems that do not impact or affect the environment in any harmful way that can be avoided. In addition to this any unavoidable activity is monitored to ensure that environmental impact is minimised. In order to achieve this, the following Policy has been established.

We are committed at all levels to ensure that:-

• Any risk of pollution arising from our activities, products or services is identified and then either eliminated or effectively controlled to meet or exceed all regulatory requirements relating to the environment.

• All unnecessary use of materials resources and energy or adverse effects caused as a result of our activities, are minimised, adopting the principle of BATNEEC (Best available techniques not entailing excessive costs).

• Waste is managed, recycled as far as practicably possible and reduced to a minimum.

• Employees are trained on the importance and implementation of our Environmental Policy.

• Suppliers provide an environmentally friendly solution for all products and services provided by them.

• We regularly review this policy in the light of knowledge and changing legislation or public concerns

… because we care

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