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Green Cutting Mats

Leading UK Supplier of Green Cutting Mats

As a premier UK supplier, Rhino takes pride in offering an extensive selection of green cutting mats.  Our 15+ years of dedicated development ensure that each cutting mat aligns with our client’s exact requirements.  Crafted for enduring utility, these mats are made to furnish your workspace with an affordable, long-lasting solution.

The Rhino range of green cutting mats presents a sustainably designed collection of the utmost quality.  These cutting mats cater to the education, craft, and textile sectors.  Their versatility is showcased across various domains, serving as exceptional craft mats safeguarding both surfaces and tools.

Should you be looking for a large mat for wherever your project might take you, our range, spanning A0 to A2, will surely have what you need.  You could also consider our surface protection mats, extending the coverage over a larger workspace area.

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Looking for Olfa cutting mats? We don't stock the Olfa cutting mat range, but we do have a similar range of green cutting mats here, which are compatible with all Olfa rotary cutters.

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