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Cutting Mats & Benches for Automotive, Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing

Rhino are proud to supply a range of cutting mats to a number of leading companies such as F1 racing teams in Motorsport, to Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering. Our mats are used in a wide range of applications, from upholstery to weather seals, and from machine part assembly to carbon fibre trimming, emphasising the demand for robust, heavy-duty cutting. This not only helps to protect the user, but enables faster, safer cutting, and offers a delicate surface to protect the workstation and the products being worked on.

Specifically engineered to address challenges like cross-contamination and foreign object debris control, the Rhino heavy-duty and Ultraseal mats stand out.  Their design caters to industries dealing with sensitive materials like carbon fibre, composites, and performance materials. In addition, the Supaseal range offers great workbench protection, and the Supaseal Clear and Supaseal Grey offer a smart look in any modern manufacturing facility.

If you’re seeking anti-static bench mats to achieve precise component trimming in aerospace or need help reducing static, our Supaseal AS is the one to go for. See also our full range of self-healing cutting mats available for online purchase.

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Product FAQs

Yes as standard any off-cuts will be supplied.
No, the Grid is made from a PVC type banner material which is tear proof and can be cut to your exact size. You can also cut it yourself if you prefer with sharp scissors.
The separate Grid that you can purchase is only in CM.
Unless it is very extreme heat, it should flatten out again, however it is best to avoid leaving them in direct sunlight as could also cause dis-colouration
Most mats larger than A1 size will be delivered rolled up to make delivery easier but we do advise as soon as possible to get it out of the box and lay the mat on a flat surface and it will flatten out.
If the Mat is a standard size, doesn’t require cutting and is ordered before 1.30pm, delivery will be next day. If it is after 1.30pm or needs to be cut to your bespoke size then you need to allow 2 days.
Yes we do, we have a specialist SupaSeal AS that is anti-static.
No, the only Mats that have an inbuilt Grid are the Green Mats. However we do sell a separate Grid that will go under the Create, Heavy Duty, SupaSeal and SupaLite
No, we wouldn’t advise this. The cutting Mat doesn’t like to be kept rolled as this may cause warping its best to be kept flat, out of sunlight and with no excessive heat.
All of the Cutting Mats can expand and contract slightly with heat and cold to some degree, therefore if they are glued or stuck down, it is possible to have a little warping in some cases. Some people use a double sided tape but not a very high bond one so that if this occurs you can lift the mat until it goes back to its original size and then re-stick. In almost all circumstances there is no need as the mat will hold in position under it’s own weight, and fixing is not required.
No we wouldn’t advise it. It is heat resistant up to 60 degrees but has a melting point at 112 degrees so i wouldn’t put excessive heat on them as i would expect them to bubble or warp.
Yes, as long as the mat you have chosen is big enough for the size you want it cut to, however this does exclude the Green cutting mat ranges, due to the grid markings.
Yes of course, no problem at all you can order and arrange collection from our Warehouse.
Yes we are always looking for re-seller’s in various market sectors. Please either call or send us an email and we can discuss the options with you.
Yes, of course. Its easy to order online or to send an email through with your order on but if this isn’t convenient and you would prefer to speak with a real person then we would be more than happy to take your questions or order over the phone
Yes, all of our Rhino Mats are Self-healing.

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