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Mobile Workbenches - Heavy-Duty Metal Benches with Wheels

Here we have all our workbenches that come with wheels as standard. These have heavy-duty castors, for easy moving around, even when loaded. The Modular benches have bolt-together frames which allows easy assembly and disassembly, ideal for moving around or constricted access. The Heavy-duty benches are made with a fully-welded structure and have a higher weight capacity of 800kg.

Our wheeled workbenches are not only valuable assets for workshops and assembly lines, but they also offer exceptional mobility allowing you to position them optimally within your factory for maximum utility.

Experience the convenience of creating an instant in-line packing and wrapping area for parcels during sudden spikes of activity with workbenches on wheels. Moreover, our workbenches can be effortlessly moved aside to accommodate temporary oversized deliveries, ensuring efficient space management.

See also our full range of workbenches, and our range of height-adjustable benches. If you prefer your bench fixed to the floor, see our range of fixed benches.

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