Custom Workbench Surfaces

Rhino Custom Worksurface

Create bespoke workbenches with Rhino’s Custom Workbench Surface. This product is a durable textured laminate on a 10mm foam-centre board, and can be full-colour printed and routed to your design, with bevels and apertures as required. The finished product is a printed worktop and can be used in many situations including existing workbenches and benches from our heavy-duty bench range.

Rhino Custom Worksurface 2400x1200 assembly Corner
Rhino Custom Worksurface 2400x1200 dispatch Corner

Custom Workbench Protection Ideas

Clearly designate, label and customise your bench with bold colourful designs. Suitable for many industry sectors and purposes:

  • Food Prep areas
  • Plastic Parts manufacturing
  • Sorting/packing benches
  • Measuring benches
  • LEAN Operations
  • Shadow boards

Customised Cutting Surfaces

 If you need your custom printed worksurface to have self-healing cutting mat qualities, why not combine with the clear Supaseal Cutting Mat? Available in 5 widths  and up to 20m x 2.2m in one piece, this exceptional self-healing cutting mat comes cut to size to suit your custom workbench. It is double-sided for a longer life, and the high-clarity finish means your printed worksurface will still be visible beneath the cutting mat. Also great as an impact-absorbing, non-slip, waterproof, hygienic surface, to enhance any workbench.

Rhino Custom Worksurface 2400x1200 dispatch hi

Example Projects

FREE Cutting Mat Sample Pack

PLEASE NOTE: We only send FREE samples to business addresses within the UK. Please email [email protected] if you are outside the UK and are interested in specific samples of our cutting mats