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Rhino Cutting Mats

Leading UK Supplier of Self Healing Cutting Mats

Looking for a self-healing cutting mat that will last for years, and protect your work-surface and tools from damage?  Rhino have spent over 15 years developing the most durable and versatile self-healing cutting mats on the market.  Each of our cutting mats is specially designed to provide a long-lasting surface for you to utilise in your workshop or industrial space, providing you with a craft cutting mat solution that is both affordable and effective over a long period of time.

Why Self Healing?

All of our cutting mats are self-healing.  Self-healing cuttings mats last for years if used correctly, and cheaper options will prove a false economy in the long run.  A self-healing mat will also increase the life-span of your cutting tools or cutting machines, giving a further cost saving.  Self-healing cutting mats give straighter cuts, as the cutting tool blade will not slip into the groves of previous cuts.

To learn how our self-healing cutting mats are manufactured, how to use them correctly, and which kinds of self-healing cutting mats work best for a fabric rotary cutter, view this blog post.

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Three Cutting Mat Ranges, Which Is Best For You?

Green Self Healing Cutting Mats

For small hobby projects, our Rhino Green Cutting Mat is perfect. Widely used in a host of different environments from schools to craft colleges, the Green Cutting Mat is naturally self-healing, affordable and lightweight, making it perfect as a portable option to use as a rotary cutting mat.

Clear Self Healing Cutting Mats

At 5mm thick, the Rhino SupaSeal Clear Cutting Mat is suited to almost all industrial situations from laminator tables through to food preparation.  Its clear properties make it a great choice where illumination from underneath is required.  Great for flat-bed laminator/roller tables, these make a great cutting mat for printers and sign makers.  Made from a relatively soft, light material, it self-heals beautifully and stays looking great for years.

Heavy Duty Self Healing Cutting Mats

The toughest, most durable surface protection option in our range is the Rhino Heavy Duty Cutting Mat.  At 4.5mm thick, it is marginally thinner than our SupaSeal Clear cutting mat, but it is made from tougher material and provides the best protection of all.  This is a great cutting mat for automotive companies, packing suppliers, 3PL companies, or for virtually any industrial application where a premium workbench surface protection mat is required.

Large, Small, and Custom Size Cutting Mat Options

If a small cutting mat is required, the Green Cutting Mats range is your best option.  Green Cutting Mats are available in A4 (297x210mm), A3 (420x297mm), A2 (594x420mm), A1 (841x594mm), and A0 (1189x841mm).  Green Cutting mats are also available in a large size 2000x1000mm, or else they can be cut to a custom size.

For a larger cutting mat, try our Heavy Duty Cutting Mats, available in large sizes from 600x800mm to 3657x1828mm (12' x 6'), with plenty of sizes in-between, and a custom cut size option too.

Or for the largest cutting mat options, and for long workbench cutting mats, try our extra-large SupaSeal Clear Cutting Mats, available in 5 widths (1 metre to 2.2 metre), and cut to custom lengths up to 20 metres long!  Available in standard pre-cut lengths from 1 metre to 6 metres.

Cutting Mat FAQs

Yes as standard any off-cuts will be supplied.

No, the Grid is made from a PVC type banner material which is tear proof and can be cut to your exact size. You can also cut it yourself if you prefer with sharp scissors.

The separate Grid that you can purchase is only in CM.

Unless it is very extreme heat, it should flatten out again, however it is best to avoid leaving them in direct sunlight as could also cause dis-colouration

Most mats larger than A1 size will be delivered rolled up to make delivery easier but we do advise as soon as possible to get it out of the box and lay the mat on a flat surface and it will flatten out.

If the Mat is a standard size, doesn’t require cutting and is ordered before 1.30pm, delivery will be next day. If it is after 1.30pm or needs to be cut to your bespoke size then you need to allow 2 days.

Yes we do, we have a specialist SupaSeal AS that is anti-static.

No, the only Mats that have an inbuilt Grid are the Green Mats. However we do sell a separate Grid that will go under the Create, Heavy Duty, SupaSeal and SupaLite

No, we wouldn’t advise this. The cutting Mat doesn’t like to be kept rolled as this may cause warping its best to be kept flat, out of sunlight and with no excessive heat.

All of the Cutting Mats can expand and contract slightly with heat and cold to some degree, therefore if they are glued or stuck down, it is possible to have a little warping in some cases. Some people use a double sided tape but not a very high bond one so that if this occurs you can lift the mat until it goes back to its original size and then re-stick. In almost all circumstances there is no need as the mat will hold in position under it’s own weight, and fixing is not required.

No we wouldn’t advise it. It is heat resistant up to 60 degrees but has a melting point at 112 degrees so i wouldn’t put excessive heat on them as i would expect them to bubble or warp.

Yes, as long as the mat you have chosen is big enough for the size you want it cut to.

Yes of course, no problem at all you can order and arrange collection from our Warehouse.

Yes we are always looking for re-seller’s in various market sectors. Please either call or send us an email and we can discuss the options with you.

Yes, of course. Its easy to order online or to send an email through with your order on but if this isn’t convenient and you would prefer to speak with a real person then we would be more than happy to take your questions or order over the phone

Yes, all of our Rhino Mats are Self-healing.

Workbench Protection Mats

Our Heavy Duty and SupaSeal Cutting mats also make great workbench protection.  The Heavy Duty mats are the toughest, and therefore best for the very heavy-duty applications.  The SupaSeal are great if a clear workbench mat is required.  The SupaSeal mats are tough, but are not quite so hard-wearing as the Heavy Duty range.  For more information see our page on work bench protection mats.  We also supply a range of heavy-duty workbenches, which you can combine with any of our cutting mats for a complete workbench solution.

Rotary Cutting Mats and Rotary Cutting Tools

If you use a rotary cutting tool like the OLFA RTY-2/DX 45mm with your cutting mat, you will want to be sure that you're choosing the best cutting mat for rotary cutting tools.

Our Green Cutting Mats are the best suited to rotary cutting tools and rotary cutting machines, and make a superb rotary cutting mat.

However, if you need a larger rotary cutting mat, then the Heavy Duty Cutting Mats range are also well suited to rotary cutters – to quote one of our clients:

“Hi! We have been using one of your heavy duty cutting mats for a few months now and it has been a revelation. We use rotary cutters and often run over the same lines on the mat hundreds of times a day. All other cutting mats we’ve tried have been ruined in a matter of weeks but this heavy duty option is still holding strong after 6 months of heavy use. Thank You!”