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Heavy Duty Industrial Work Benches

Heavy-duty workbenches in the Rhino range are designed for constant use with UDL ratings from 350 to 800 kilograms. Used across a host of industries, they come in five standard designs, and each in at least four standard sizes ensuring that you will find the best industrial workstation for your application. The four standard sizes are:
• Small workbench 1500 x 750mm
• Medium workbench 2000 x 1000mm
• Large workbench 2440 x 1220mm
• Extra-large workbench 3050 x 1525mm
Bespoke sizes also available subject to quantity.  These benches can be used in settings from assembly lines to packing benches and as cutting benches with our range of bench mats. They all have a standard working height of 900mm and most have the option of an undershelf and roll holder for bubble wrap, cardboard, or fabric reels.

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Five Heavy-duty workbenches – which is best for you?

1. Modular Workbench

These industrial work benches come with bolt-together frames to allow easy dismantling for moving to another location, ideal for constricted access and have castors as standard. They are tested to 500kg UDL.

2. Mobile Workbench

These metal work benches have castors for excellent mobility and welded frames for a superior weight capacity of 800kg. We find that more customers want workbenches with wheels, often known as rolling or portable worktables. Tested to 800kg UDL. View all mobile workbenches.

3. Adjustable Height Workbench

These have welded frames and adjustable working height for comfort and efficiency; the height adjusts from 900 to 1100mm. Tested to 800kg UDL. View all height-adjustable benches.

4. Fixed Workbench

The easy-to-secure fixed metal work benches come with a strong welded frame and fixing plate feet to bolt down to the floor. Tested to 800kg UDL. View all fixed benches.

5. Lab Bench Table

The newest addition to the range, these are designed for education or commercial labs, and feature Trespa® tops as standard, giving an excellent scratch and chemical-resistant surface. They also feature an additional medium size in the range, 750 x 1800mm. The robust welded 40mm frames are open on one side, making them equally suited to sitting or standing at. Available as static (fixed) or mobile (wheeled), and tested to 350kg UDL.

Surface Protection Mats

Most benches come with an 18mm MDF worktop as standard, for prolonged use while offering warmth and ‘give’; the work surface can be protected further with our range of surface protection or cutting mats, including anti-static versions. These mats can be supplied cut to a bespoke size to suit your exact needs. Trespa® tops are also available on most models, please enquire.

Read our 3rd party reviews of both our surface protection mats and industrial work benches from satisfied clients.

FAQs And Common Queries:

What is the best benchtop for a workbench?

Opinions vary but we think the give and warmth of medium-density fibreboard with a low price point offers good value and easy use. For regular chemical use, a high-pressure laminate such as Trespa® is excellent.

What are the best workbench surfaces?

It will depend on what you are working with, for tasks like packing and cutting out fabrics a timber or MDF worktop is great, for heavy engineering or working with hydraulic oils it is better to have a metal surface. If hygiene is a consideration, then stainless steel is the ideal surface for your workbench.

What is a good work bench?

A good workbench is one that offers the best combination of features, size, and price point to fulfil all the tasks you want; you may, for example, want to move it around so castors are ideal. For packing parcels in cartons, a dispenser roll holder for bubble wrap is a great help; for more guidance please see our blog post.

What is the best woodworking bench?

We feel that the best woodworking bench would typically have an undershelf on which to store materials, fixings, and hand or power tools. There are some advantages of the bench being compact in dimensions and having wheels that can be braked, we also offer fixing plates on legs to bolt down your workstation if desired.

What is the hardest-wearing benchtop?

In terms of timber tops an MDF or hardwood material is tough, but the hardest-wearing benchtop will be mild or stainless steel. In some cases, galvanising with zinc is offered on top of mild steel for corrosion resistance. Another way to make your workbench top last longer is to protect it with a cutting mat.

How do I choose a work bench?

Choosing a workbench is not easy with so many options. We suggest considering factors like delivery timescales, appropriate size and work surface materials, accessories like castors, and price point are probably the leading considerations.

What is the best height for a workbench table?

As most users of benches or workstations will be standing or seated on high stools the best height is normally 900mm off the floor. With our height-adjustable work benches, the working surface height can be adjusted from 900 to 1100mm.

Do you offer custom sizes of workbench as my needs are unique?

Yes, we do offer non-standard sizes depending on the quantity required.

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