Our Sustainable Innovation Journey

Rhino Innovation is committed, passionate and excited to share our passion for giving the cutting mat market a more sustainable future! We have several key pillars in our sustainable program which includes:

– Recycled Material used in Mat manufacture or 100% Recyclable.
– Our Rhino Mat recycling Scheme
– Recycled Packaging and PVC Free packaging

Eco Friendly Cutting and Workbench Protection Mats

We’ve taken painstaking steps to ensure our products are as eco friendly as possible without negatively impacting their performance. Usage of Virgin material means many of the ranges are 100% recyclable, and other ranges are made using recycled materials. This means that across our complete range of mats they care all contributing and conforms to our robust recycling commitment.

Rhino Recycling Scheme

We’re proud to be the only UK supplier of cutting and workbench protection mats to offer a recycling scheme which has been formed with our manufacturing partners. This means any Rhino mat can be returned and will be sorted and recycled either into new mats, or new products. We’re hugely proud of this offering to change the dial in mats ending their life in landfill.

To learn more about our Return for Recycling program or to book in the return of your mat for recycling, please use the Contact Us page.

Eco Friendly Cutting and Recycled Packaging and PVC Free Packaging

This is something we have been working on for a number of years and passionate to make the difference in how we dispatch our goods. All our mats are now despatched in Cardboard boxes that can be recycled, or better still some of the packaging used is also made from recycled boxes

In addition, we’re ensuring as much of our packaging products as possible are PVC free or of a quality of PVC that can be recycled.

Our Carbon Footprint

Some of our lesser known but much encouraged practices are:

– Encouraging home working where possible to save emissions
– Map and schedule our own vehicle deliveries to reduce our carbon footprint
– Discourage office printing with around 90% of our Admin tasks now completed without the need for printing and shutting down machines or onto standby when not in use
– We now have switched over 60% of company cars to Electric and have onsite charging infrastructure which is a huge milestone towards our target

You can help Our Sustainable Journey too!

This journey to a Greener future is relatively new for us all, and we love to hear ideas from our customers and suppliers that can help us all achieve our targets faster and more effectively.

Contact us here with suggestions of any new ideas or improvements you think can help.

FREE Cutting Mat Sample Pack

PLEASE NOTE: We only send FREE samples to business addresses within the UK. Please email [email protected] if you are outside the UK and are interested in specific samples of our cutting mats