AI & Craftsmanship: Should You Be Worried?

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The Rise Of AI What kicked off the recent debate and mania around AI? Starting in 2022, AI moved from being only accessible to the big tech companies to being usable by us – the ‘everyday’ people. We can now interact with it through the likes of ChatGPT, DALL-E 2, and Chrome extensions or Bing […]

Are Social Distancing Screens the Desk Screens of the Future?

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The Evolution Of Office Desk Screens We may regard open-plan offices as a relatively modern invention, but in fact, they go back more than a hundred years to 1906 when the Larkin Administration Building, designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, first opened its doors. Offices with high noise levels – call centres are a prime […]

Self-Healing Cutting Mats for Germany, France, and All Europe

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Rhino’s self-healing cutting mat reputation continues to go from strength to strength.  Not only are sales rapidly increasing within the nearby UK market, but we are also now starting to ship self-healing cutting mats and workbench protection mats to all over Europe. Recently we have supplied cutting mats into the following areas of Europe: Amsterdam, […]

Rhino Heavy Duty Self Healing Cutting Mats Customer Survey

BeeBeeWraps Self Healing Cutting Mats Case Study

Independent Insight Into The Pros And Cons of Rhino’s Self-Healing Cutting Mats This month, we got in touch with a valued customer, Oliver Walker of Bee Bee Wraps, to ask him for his thoughts on all things Rhino (Cutting Mats of course).  He answered a few questions for us about Rhino, giving us some fascinating […]

FREE Cutting Mat Sample Pack

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