What Uses Can Our Metal Workstations Be Put To?

Metal workstations

For Storage It’s a simple thing but maybe not always obvious but items left in the wrong place or worse, on the floor, are a big drag on time and resources with time being perhaps the most valuable resource that we have. Use our metal workstations or industrial work tables to the maximum we say! […]

Craft Cutting Mats – Which Are Best For You?

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A comprehensive hands-on review video of our craft cutting mats by an independent Herefordshire-based craft practitioner and supplier called Today We Craft has just been launched. You can see the 14-minute video on this page: Puts our green cutting mats, Supaseal, Supalite, and heavy-duty cutting mats through their paces with paper, card, or fabric, to […]

How To Order Cut To Size Cutting Mats

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Do you need a self-healing cutting mat extra large with the option of ESD anti-static properties to just the right bespoke custom sizes for your workbenches? Products we can offer: Self-healing cutting mats Workbench protection mats Heavy-duty workbenches  Then place your order on our website for fast delivery UK-wide! These videos explain the process of […]

Are Social Distancing Screens the Desk Screens of the Future?

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The Evolution Of Office Desk Screens We may regard open-plan offices as a relatively modern invention, but in fact, they go back more than a hundred years to 1906 when the Larkin Administration Building, designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, first opened its doors. Offices with high noise levels – call centres are a prime […]

Self-Healing Cutting Mats for Germany, France, and All Europe

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Rhino’s self-healing cutting mat reputation continues to go from strength to strength.  Not only are sales rapidly increasing within the nearby UK market, but we are also now starting to ship self-healing cutting mats and workbench protection mats to all over Europe. Recently we have supplied cutting mats into the following areas of Europe: Amsterdam, […]

FREE Cutting Mat Sample Pack

PLEASE NOTE: We only send FREE samples to business addresses within the UK. Please email [email protected] if you are outside the UK and are interested in specific samples of our cutting mats