Clear Acrylic Desk Screens for Offices & Schools | Workplace COVID-19 Risk Mitigation

Government Guidance For Office Desks

According to UK Government Guidance, where it is not possible to move workstations or desks further apart (2 metres or more), then risk mitigation in the form of physical barriers such as desk partition screens are required. Desks that are spaced 1 metre or less are required to have risk mitigation. This can be achieved in a few ways, but one of the most effective mitigation methods is the use of a clear acrylic desk screen. The use of these screens in conjunction with face visors, masks, hand sanitiser stations, regular hand washing, and air filtration will keep your employees and patrons safe and increase the peace of mind of those using the office area.

Acrylic Desk Screens

The Rhino 6600 Series Sneeze Screens are the perfect solution for your office desk screen requirements as they are made from smooth, transparent acrylic. These desk screens can be wiped clean and are crystal clear, allowing your office staff to remain social and connected while maintaining social distancing protocols. The Rhino 6600 Desk Screens come with 2 convenient desk mounting bracket that does not require the desk to be penetrated. The edge mount brackets can take up to a 26 mm thick desk and come in single and double configurations. If the application requires the screen to be mounted to the desktop or countertop the Rhino Desk Screen Mount accomplishes this with ease. From 800 mm to 1600 mm by 750 mm high, you will find the perfect size for your desk screen solution.

UK Supplier and Manufacturer

These Screens are manufactured here in the UK, giving you a shorter lead time, and supporting local industry and the economy. Buy UK Made!

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