Craft Cutting Mats – Which Are Best For You?

A comprehensive hands-on review video of our craft cutting mats by an independent Herefordshire-based craft practitioner and supplier called Today We Craft has just been launched. You can see the 14-minute video on this page:

Puts our green cutting mats, Supaseal, Supalite, and heavy-duty cutting mats through their paces with paper, card, or fabric, to test each for pros and cons of cutting performance, surface nicks and scratches or staining from ink deliberately applied and then rinsed off to test the craft cutting mat’s surface. It all helps to better inform your decision on which one is best for your specific needs!

Self-healing cutting mats are at the very heart of crafting or sewing, and each type has strengths and weaknesses dependent on cutting tools, and materials, testing in real-life scenarios is so important to our continuous improvement program and helps us innovate new products!

Our Rhino Green, Heavy Duty, Create, Supaseal and Supalite products all have unique properties for crafting and textiles.

Don’t forget to check out the fantastic work Jo does on her YouTube channel.

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