Cutting Mat User Survey Reveals Huge Safety Benefits

Research Reveals Cutting Mat Boards Provide Unexpected Safety Boost

Recent research conducted on the efficacy of Rhino cutting boards has unveiled a significant increase in reported safety, particularly for users of hand-held cutting knives. The study, which delved into the user experiences of recent buyers of Rhino cutting mats – semi-flexible boards with self-healing properties – discovered that greater safety was one of the key standout benefits cited among respondents.

The survey was conducted on all customers who had purchased a Rhino mat in the previous 6-month period, and the respondents covered a range of industry, hobby, and DIY end users.

The results came as a pleasant surprise to the manufacturer of the mats, Rhino Workplace Innovation. Although well aware of the connection between cutting mats and safety, the inherent safety features of their cutting mats hasn’t been very strongly promoted before now.

It is, however, well known that their mats help prevent blades from slipping and tramlining, protecting the blade’s sharp edge and the table’s surface from damage.

Rhino’s MD Jake Douglass admitted they were somewhat surprised at how highly the safety aspect of their cutting mats was appreciated by users. “When we designed the survey, we picked out all the common reasons people come to us when choosing a cutting mat,” he explained. “These reasons included reducing tool costs, protecting the work surface, cutting precision, easy-clean surface, aesthetics, and we also added safety factor as a final question.”

The majority of survey respondents highlighted that safety improved by 80% or more when using Rhino cutting mats. It indicates a shift in perception and priorities among users, who traditionally may have focused more on cutting mat factors such as durability, functionality, and cost-effectiveness.

The user survey was particularly useful, as empirical data on accident chances between cutting mat and non-cutting mat use is difficult to obtain. With many grades of cutting mat on the general market and differences in cutting accident reporting details, there isn’t such data available and lab-based testing is problematic.

“The unexpected emphasis on safety and reported performance suggests that our cutting mat boards offer more than just job practicality and surface protection – they provide peace of mind and better control of sharp tools,” remarked Jake. “This newfound recognition of safety as a crucial aspect of our product underscores our commitment to delivering not only high-quality, long-lasting cutting surfaces but also a safer working environment.”

The research findings have been welcomed by managers responsible for processes that involve sharp hand tools. The nature of some materials and cutting tasks mean that knife handwork is required, making worker safety paramount. With Rhino cutting mat boards emerging as a trusted ally in injury prevention, it is anticipated that their popularity will continue to grow among users seeking a reliable and safe cutting surface.

What Else Did the Survey Reveal?

Interviewing cutting mat users, we found a number of other advantages of using them for various tasks – some that don’t even include cutting tools.

A Tidy Workplace is a Safer Workplace

The Rhino heavy-duty mat helps Andrew Beattie of manufacturing firm ABT make cleaning up metal swarf and debris easier “[we ordered it to] form a protective layer over an expensive bench. It protects from metal dust and is easily wiped clean when required. They are also sufficiently durable to take plenty of knocks and abuse over time.” He says.

As the mats are semi-rigid/semi-flexible, they allow users to carry sharp offcuts and drilling swarf and tip them into the recycling skip without having to touch the debris. Their scratch-resistant surfaces mean there are no nooks and crannies to trap dust, making them easy to wipe down.

“Rhino mats offered a highly appealing surface protector and double as a superior cutting surface. I find it much easier to keep my work area clean and tidy.” Agrees Adrian, who uses the mats for his hobbyist group.

Great for Covering Large Areas

A printer who needed a larger cutting area came to Rhino for a mat that would cover his workbench. He was looking “to cover the entire surface of a workbench to make cutting tasks easier”. Rating the durability of his new Rhino large cutting mat “Excellent” he expects it to last at least “80% longer than my previous solution”, making his investment in safety and efficiency a long-term asset.

Grace, who uses an extra large workbench cutting mat in her textile work states “[My] Rhino mat now covers a huge area and I can cut larger pieces without shifting all the time”

Having plenty of space on which to safely cut material means having to make fewer rearrangements of tools, workpieces, and cutting mat/s, which leads ultimately to less risk of your knife blades and fingers being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Rhino Supaseal Grey 1 scaled

Increased Cutting Control

Tony’s main reason for buying a Rhino Superseal cutting mat was  “To enhance cutting precision” at his printing service, Phoenix Express. However, he also reported the mats have increased knife-cutting safety by a large margin. Tony is now an established fan of Rhino “I tried 3 different types [of cutting mats] you supply and have now purchased another of my favourite, but all the mats you supplied were excellent quality – far better than my previous supplier”

Precision cutting, as well as better quality work and less wastage also means less chance of accidental cuts. As the blade cuts into the mat surface a little, it allows the user freedom to cut out a pattern without the blade sliding sideways or into worksurface ruts. The mat material is designed to protect the knife’s ‘keenness’, or sharp edge, sustaining safer control whilst preventing tearing of material.

With an increased focus on user safety when working with sharp tools and blades, Rhino’s innovative approach to cutting mat design positions them as frontrunners in the industry.

Rhino aims for nothing less than product excellence and 100% user satisfaction. If you’d like to try their specialist cutting mats and bench protectors for your commercial application, you can order a sample swatch to test – just click the button at the top right corner of this page.

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