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Workbench Protection Mats

Our range of workbench mats will make your bench last longer and also protect the tools and workpieces placed on the bench. All these mats are available cut-to-size, to suit your bench. Jan Healing, the cutting mat specialist at Rhino shares some tips on choosing your protection mat:

Workbench Mats to Protect Delicate Items

We would usually suggest the Supaseal mats for this purpose, as they are soft and have some give in them, to protect from knocks. Supaseal is available in 3 types, Clear, Grey or Anti-static Clear.  For very light-duty applications, the Supalite mat is appropriate.

Workbench Protection – Including Cutting Operations

If your workbench is also used for cutting regularly, we would suggest the Heavy Duty Cutting Mat, as this offers good workbench protection and also very good resistance to cutting, with excellent self-healing properties. It is slightly firmer than Supaseal and also suitable for heavier or sharper items, such as a heavy block of metal with sharp edges.

Specialist Workbench Protection Mats

Some industries require very special mats or extra-high performance. For example, carbon-fibre cutting in aerospace demands stringent quality standards. For this we would suggest you talk to us about our Ultraseal mats. It is also ideal for hot applications, being able to withstand 90°C. For anti-static requirements, we would suggest the Supaseal AS.

Protection for Very Large Workbenches

If you looking for a rubber protection mat for a very large table or bench, you will want one with as few joins as possible. At Rhino we use rubber alternatives in manufacturing, which are longer lasting and more sustainable. The biggest matting in stock is the  Supaseal Clear which is available in 20m rolls at various widths up to 2.2m wide. The Ultraseal mat is made to special sizes, to order. Heavy Duty mats are available at up to 4.88 x 1.22m or 3.66 x 1.83m.

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