Comparing Rhino Cutting Mats with OLFA Cutting Mats

Cutting mats are a fond favourite of crafters around the globe and are best used for protecting craft benches, worktables and other surfaces where one might start a project. Choosing the right cutting mats for crafts for your exact needs requires some thought, and will potentially change depending on the intended use and size of your project. When purchasing a new cutting mat for your workshop or a rotary cutter, you’ll want to choose one that is ‘future proof’ and durable, which also means considering future projects and their requirements.

To help with your decision, we have put together the following cutting mat comparison with another top-quality cutting mat manufacturer, OLFA cutting mats. Through this, you can make the most informed decision possible on what cutting mat you need, what size you require and what properties you should prioritise.

Easy to Measure

Our Rhino Green Cutting Mat range is suitable for smaller projects like those in schools and craft colleges, and is ideal for use with rotary cutters. All our cutting mats are designed with self-healing properties for your peace of mind and longevity. Another favourable feature of our green cutting mat is the lightweight, portable design and affordability, making it the perfect option for projects on the go.

Each of our cutting mats for fabric has been printed with an accurate grid to help you easily measure your material on workbenches and will assist with your measure twice, cut once approach. The printed guide encourages accuracy throughout your projects with measurements presented in cm and inches, reducing the need for additional equipment that will clutter your workbench.

Cutting Mats For Crafts

OLFA, similar to Rhino, offer a range of different style and sizes of cutting mats available for any project, school or industrial workspace. Like our green cutting mat, it features similar widely requested features such as self-healing properties and protection of the cutting blade. OFLA green cutting mats are double-sided, one side is solid green for general cutting and has yellow grid lines on the other side for detailed cutting, just like our very own green cutting mat.

There is a noticeable difference in the weight of Rhino’s Cutting Mats and OFLA Cutting Mats, our green cutting mat can be easily tucked in a crafting bag for on the go cutting, whereas each of OFLA’s mats is considered heavyweight.

We can also provide a custom-sized cutting mat service, supplying one of our cutting mat options in a size necessary for your use with accurate markings for measuring and cutting.

Different Types Of Cutting Mats

As a craftsman or an industrial worker, there will be multiple projects involved that require a specific size and thickness of cutting mat. It’s more practical to choose a cutting mat based on the largest or toughest project, making sure it lasts through intensive use and can adapt and work effectively regardless of your needs.

Like our green cutting mats, OLFA provides you with a 1.5mm thickness which is ideal for small projects in schools or specific crafting colleges. However, you might need a thicker material for more intensive use that a 1.5mm thick green cutting mat wouldn’t be able to withstand.

The Rhino SupaSeal Transparent Cutting Mat is 5mm thick, offering longer durability and exceptional self-healing properties to provide the perfect cutting surface or workbench protection. Alternatively, when you need a mat that can protect large applications and fabricating environments, then our Rhino Heavy Duty Mat is an exceptional solution. With a slightly reduced thickness of 4.5mm, it is a great investment for your workplace –protecting your work surface and keeping tables and benches looking clean throughout your project. In comparison, for heavy-duty cutting, the translucent OLFA cutting mats are 3mm thick.

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Similar Properties

Cutting mats have become increasingly popular with the introduction of self-healing properties, providing customers with a continually smooth and clean surface. Both Rhino and OLFA mats are suitable for rotary cutters and can be used effectively, self-healing efficiently to prevent tramlining and cutting challenges.

Not only do cutting mats protect the surface or workbench you are working on, but they also reduce blunting, helping your rotary cutter and regular craft knife blades stay sharper for longer. Whatever your project requires, a Rhino Cutting Mat will offer longevity and durability.

Both cutting mat manufacturers include a similar range of properties, but the slight differences could affect both your future projects and the lifetime of your cutting mat and cutting tools. If you are searching for long-lasting, high-quality cutting mats that can serve as worksurface protection in your workshop or craft space, explore our range of Rhino Cutting Mats and knives/cutters today or get in touch with our knowledgeable team for more information.

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