Rhino Heavy Duty Self Healing Cutting Mats Customer Survey

Independent Insight Into The Pros And Cons of Rhino’s Self-Healing Cutting Mats

This month, we got in touch with a valued customer, Oliver Walker of Bee Bee Wraps, to ask him for his thoughts on all things Rhino (Cutting Mats of course).  He answered a few questions for us about Rhino, giving us some fascinating insights into how our self-healing cutting mats are used in real life, here’s a transcript of the interview:

How did you originally find out about us?

Internet research; tried a number of different products, but none were up to standard.  We were getting through them so quickly, so we researched the hardest-wearing and found Rhino.  The free sample pack we tested came up clearly as a much better product.

What do you like the most about our self-healing cutting mats?

They’re hard-wearing, durable, transparent, work with alignment grids, and don’t degrade as most of the competitors do.  We also have a bespoke welded workbench for our cutting mat, and it is extremely high quality.  We wanted a specific bespoke workbench table, and it was a simple process to have it designed and purchased from Rhino.

What size cutting mat do you usually use?

8ft x 4ft (2440 x 1220mm)

Have you tried any of the following mats:

No, just heavy duty large cutting mats.

Which Rhino products would you recommend to other customers?

The heavy-duty cutting mats and the heavy-duty workbenches range.

What can you tell me about your business and application for Rhino cutting mats?

We make beeswax food wraps. They are a re-useable alternative to clingfilm, use them for up to a year directly on food, seal on leftovers, bowls, and traybakes, and keep food fresher than plastic. It was an idea of the founder seeing a similar thing in New Zealand. She also had been researching and reinventing old methods of waxing fabric and covering cheese, even as far back as in ancient Egypt. Warmed, the resin gives a tacky quality, so sticks like clingfilm. We only use 100% organic cotton with it.

What do you like least about Rhino’s cutting mats?

Not a bad word to say, does the job so well, wouldn’t consider anything else. They’re used with guillotines, taking hundreds if not thousands of cuts a day.

Many thanks, Oliver for giving us your insights into your usage of our Large Heavy Duty Cutting Mats and Custom Workbenches!

Be free to visit Oliver’s website https://beebeewraps.com if you want to learn more about his ‘food storage revolution’.

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