Rhino Hygienic Cutting Mats: Keep Your Work Surfaces Bacteria Free.

Stop The Spread Of Viruses And Bacteria Through Our Anti-Bacterial Cutting Mats.

‘Cutting edge’ is how our clients like to describe our products, in more ways than one. Aware of the growing challenges faced by our clients, especially since the rise of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic this year, we have been busy designing our latest product to help keep your vital industries and key workers going: Hygiene Cutting Mats.

We also know that our customers like to plan for the longer term. Covid-19 will change how we buy, work and think for years to come. In terms of hygiene, it has never been so important to keep a clean work surface as now.

Our new clear anti-bacterial hygiene cutting mats and hygiene surface mats are key to helping you meet your new requirements. Our Hygiene clear cutting mat or worksurface mat offers long-term durability and exceptional self-healing properties to provide a perfect cutting surface or simply for workbench surface protection. Certified to International ISO 22196 for your complete peace of mind, and available from early May, they have all the properties of our Superseal mats in addition to an anti-bacterial germ barrier. Rhino Hygiene Mats are not only the ultimate worktop protection and virus-inhibiting work area, but they also help keep the user safe and well.  These hygienic cutting mats are ‘Rhino Tuff’ requiring no special care and are virtually totally clear allowing any visible contamination to be noticed and eliminated. They also roll up for storage and transport if you are short of space or need to be on the move.

Hygiene Worktop Mats for a Range of Industries

  • Print Industry
  • Vehicle/automotive industry
  • Events/exhibitions: demonstration table working area
  • Schools and universities: canteens and hands-on skill learning areas
  • Prisons: canteens and practical crafts areas
  • Textile industry

Hygiene Cutting Mats for Critical Safety

  • Slaughterhouses
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Health centres/GP and dental surgeries
  • Restaurants/catering services
  • Preparation of surface for the making of packaging and products for the food industry


Precision. Protection. Prevention. Take a look at our anti-bacterial cutting mats page where you can learn more, order these online, or send us an enquiry. Choose from a wide range of stock sizes, our new fabric rotary cutters, or enter your bespoke dimensions for a custom cut size.

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