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The Rhino Modular Workbench in the sizes of 1500mm x 750mm and 2m x 1m together with matching Heavy-Duty Cutting Mats.

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Wastewater Fuels have developed technology that can produce clean energy and water from wastewater. Their technology consumes all the pollutants in the waste water and doesn’t split the water, ensuring any precious water is not consumed for energy. The result places a value on the wastewater, which can be used as a feedstock for fuel production. The core system is designed to last 20 years with minimal to no maintenance.

The Challenge

They needed to very quickly set up a new area at their facility and also hoped to have it up and running within a couple of weeks. They required some workbenches, but they needed to be easy to move to another area if required and they would need something to protect the tops of the benches.

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The Solution

We recommended Heavy-Duty Cutting Mats for each bench as one of the most important requirements was that they had to be easy to clean, whilst coping with many tasks such as construction, maintenance, and general warehouse duties. The tasks they were doing would involve both clean and dirty equipment equally. This was a classic situation for our best-selling Heavy Duty Mats. They can cope with a multitude of applications, whilst also being waterproof, solvent-proof and resistant to most chemicals, and would have no problem in meeting the requirements.

As for the benches, as the brief first and foremost required them to be easy to move, so we suggested Modular Workbenches – they would be the ideal choice. They wouldn’t have really heavy equipment on them and the tops were going to be protected. They certainly would be the quickest solution and we can get them sent out within a matter of a couple of days. The design allows them to be dismantled and reassembled easily, which means they have no access restraints either – perfect! They have all the benefits of our regular Heavy Duty Benches but are great in medium-duty environments.

The End Result

Wastewater Fuels was a delighted customer. We managed to deliver exactly what they needed and in a very short time.

They kindly sent us a message to say ‘’ once again thank you for the rapidness of everything you managed to organise the last time we spoke’ They reported that “the cutting mats we received from Rhino, are exactly what we need for our purposes. They withstand all the punishment we throw at them and are easy to clean and maintain. It’s our first choice when we look at anything for our work surfaces. The tables they provided us recently have also turned out to be extremely sturdy, flexible, and robust.’’ 

We very much look forward to working with you again, Wastewater Fuels.

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