What Uses Can Our Metal Workstations Be Put To?

Metal workstations

For Storage

It’s a simple thing but maybe not always obvious but items left in the wrong place or worse, on the floor, are a big drag on time and resources with time being perhaps the most valuable resource that we have. Use our metal workstations or industrial work tables to the maximum we say!

Utilise the optional under shelf to organise and store the next components or fixings you will need in your part of the production line so its just to hand easily and ergonomically. Declutter and organise your factory floor so that the best possible work flow happens and safety is increased by reducing trip hazards.

For Working

From sewing and textile cutting tasks or fabric working in dressmaking and garment production to metal working, soldering circuit boards or precision hand cutting of patterns with a scalpel and cutting mat – the metal workstations are perfect for most factory tasks.

Metal Workstations

Add castors, which are optional on all 12 models, and you have a mobile workstation to add flexibility by moving the workstation or using for different purposes at different times of day. Are you in auto cleaning or car valeting? Keep all your spray bottles and aerosols, scrim, and microfibre cloths on one of our mobile workbenches with wheels just there for when you need them.

For Packing

A metal workstation is perfect for packing your parcels to go out by courier being at 900mm, a comfortable working height. We even have a simple roll dispenser bar for bubble wrap, foam packaging or cardboard to wrap your articles in. You could use a mobile workstation like this for most of your day as a work bench and then move it to act as a packing bench for dispatch during the mid-afternoon before DPD, DHL, UPS or APC Parcels call to pick up? We hope you find our suggestions here useful and look forward to assisting you further.

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