Why Replace Your Flat Bed Cutting Mat?

Everyone knows the vital importance of equipment and tools being in optimum condition from joiners and plumbers to surgeons. Sign makers wanting to maintain the best quality and speed will know that cutting mats on your flatbed applicator will need replacing from time to time. A poor quality cutting mat or worn surface may affect the laminating result, leading to rejects and customer complaints.

About Rhino Replacement Cutting Mats

Are you needing a roll table replacement mat? Rhino’s industry-leading cutting mats are 5mm thick and of the highest quality and performance with good self-healing properties to prolong their working life. The material from which Rhino mats are made has a low friction coefficient, is non-hygroscopic, and with good electrical and abrasion resistance. Using an anti-static cutting mat is a great option for keeping clean and attracting less dust – you can see our SupaSeal AS mat here. Oh, and did we mention they are among the best for optical clarity and lack of blemishes too?

Which Flatbed Laminators Do Rhino Cutting Mats Suit?

Our mats are ideal as replacement cutting mats for a variety of flatbed laminators and roller tables from brands like:

  • Bubble-Free
  • CWT Worktools
  • Fayon
  • Kala
  • Magic Mount MM
  • Mounter’s Mate
  • RiteRoller
  • Rollover
  • SignMaster
  • Vroller

Our Cutting Mats Features

  • With long service life and fast delivery, our clear cutting mats provide an ideal cutting surface or surface protection mat.
  • Produced in the EU – reliable quality guaranteed
  • Excellent optical clarity and very low level of blemishes
  • Being double-sided extends their life further and we have a choice of 5 widths and up to 20m x 2.2m in a length.
  • Free of Phthalate plasticisers and with a hygienic easy-to-clean surface, these products ensure your knife blades last longer and are the perfect investment for your workplace.

Protecting the glass surface of your roller table makes sense both for optimising your graphics and signwriting and keeping your flat bed laminator in top condition. Contact Rhino Cutting Mats to speak over your needs for rotary cutting tools or order your mats online today.

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