Craft Cutting Mats – Which Are Best For You?

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A comprehensive hands-on review video of our craft cutting mats by an independent Herefordshire-based craft practitioner and supplier called Today We Craft has just been launched. You can see the 14-minute video on this page: Puts our green cutting mats, Supaseal, Supalite, and heavy-duty cutting mats through their paces with paper, card, or fabric, to […]

How To Order Cut To Size Cutting Mats

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Do you need a self-healing cutting mat extra large with the option of anti-static properties to just the right bespoke custom sizes for your workbenches? Products we can offer: Self-healing cutting mats Workbench protection mats Heavy-duty workbenches  Then place your order on our website for fast delivery UK-wide! These videos explain the process of placing […]

How To Change The Blade On An Olfa Fabric Rotary Cutter

How To Change The Blade On An Olfa Fabric Rotary Cutter

We have recently begun to sell the well-regarded range of Olfa rotary cutting tools with 3 models available to buy online with 28mm, 45mm and 60mm blades. Here you can watch out newly launched video explaining how to change the blade on a fabric rotary cutter:   Need a green cutting mat? We also recently […]

FREE Cutting Mat Sample Pack

PLEASE NOTE: We only send FREE samples to business addresses within the UK. Please email [email protected] if you are outside the UK and are interested in specific samples of our cutting mats