Improving Air Purity In Cleanrooms

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Cleanrooms require meticulous control of air quality to maintain a sterile and dust-free environment. The initial cleanroom design and installation is the first thing, but the air quality is also dependent on proper daily operational practice and good maintenance.

What’s The Best Workbench Protection?

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Keeping your bench top in great condition is essential for safe, effective and efficient workmanship. As any maker, engineer or mechanic knows, the typical worktop gets scratched, dented and contaminated with glue, soldering drips and dirt building up in knife marks all too soon. Many different materials have been developed as more durable alternatives to […]

Cutting Mats and Surface Protection in Composite Manufacturing – The What, Where, and Why

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First, What Are Composite Materials? Composites have been around for a long time. Composites can be any material that is made from more than one material, which are joined without being mixed into a single homogeneous material. The advantage of composites is that the finished material displays properties that neither individual material inherently had. Often, […]

Work Surfaces In High-Performance, Advanced Material Manufacturing

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Today’s high-performance teams in the auto and aviation industries all have one thing in common – a relentless commitment to optimum performance in every area. In the highly competitive world of performance motorsports, crossing that finish line first or breaking a new record by milliseconds comes from the disciplined approach to every detail of testing, […]

Cutting Mats: Safe Use of Knives In The Workplace

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Cutting Out Hand Injury In a previous blog post about keeping knives sharp by using a cutting mat, the subject of hand knife safety was mentioned. With hand knife safety being such an important topic, we thought it deserves its own dedicated article. “Hand knife injuries typically account for between 25-50% of all lost time […]

What Makes A Perfect Surface For Cleanroom Fit-Out?

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Whilst some parameters of a cleanroom are dependent on the level and type of contamination risk, what they all have in common is a need to control the concentration and maximum size of dust particles to a specified level. This means that the ideal cleanroom surface material should be: Smooth; textured surfaces are more difficult to clean […]

Importance of Blade Sharpness in Precision Manufacturing

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Keeping cutting knives sharp is of utmost importance in any factory setting, particularly when there is a need for accurately cutting delicate substrates and materials by hand. Scalpel blades are used in many manufacturing processes, where precise hand cutting is preferred over machine cutting.  Delicate textiles, carbon fibre cloth, leathers, specialist materials where automation set-up errors can quickly […]

Carbon Fibre And Other Composite Materials: Avoiding Cross-Contamination

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Why is Cross-Contamination a Problem? Carbon Fibre (CF) and Kevlar are some of the advanced composites used for the fabrication of many critical components in medical instruments, aerospace, motorsports and other areas which require tightly controlled parameters.   Within the family of Carbon Fibre, different resins can be used along with various other fibre reinforcements such as natural […]

Craft Cutting Mats – Which Are Best For You?

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A comprehensive hands-on review video of our craft cutting mats by an independent Herefordshire-based craft practitioner and supplier called Today We Craft has just been launched. You can see the 14-minute video on this page: Puts our green cutting mats, Supaseal, Supalite, and heavy-duty cutting mats through their paces with paper, card, or fabric, to […]

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