How To Order Cut To Size Cutting Mats

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Do you need a self-healing cutting mat extra large with the option of anti-static properties to just the right bespoke custom sizes for your workbenches? Products we can offer: Self-healing cutting mats Workbench protection mats Heavy-duty workbenches  Then place your order on our website for fast delivery UK-wide! These videos explain the process of placing […]

All About Green Cutting Mats

All About Green Cutting Mats

With an expanding range of green cutting mats available, we wanted to explain a bit more about how these surface protection products can be your best friend in factory, dressmaking, or craft situations. With the pandemic conditions of recent times, there has been a rise in crafts as a hobby or part-time work role. Undertaking […]

Why Replace Your Flat Bed Cutting Mat?

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Everyone knows the vital importance of equipment and tools being in optimum condition from joiners and plumbers to surgeons. Sign makers wanting to maintain the best quality and speed will know that cutting mats on your flatbed applicator will need replacing from time to time. A poor quality cutting mat or worn surface may affect […]

Rhino Hygienic Cutting Mats: Keep Your Work Surfaces Bacteria Free.

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Stop The Spread Of Viruses And Bacteria Through Our Anti-Bacterial Cutting Mats. ‘Cutting edge’ is how our clients like to describe our products, in more ways than one. Aware of the growing challenges faced by our clients, especially since the rise of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic this year, we have been busy designing our latest […]

Self-Healing Cutting Mats for Germany, France, and All Europe

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Rhino’s self-healing cutting mat reputation continues to go from strength to strength.  Not only are sales rapidly increasing within the nearby UK market, but we are also now starting to ship self-healing cutting mats and workbench protection mats to all over Europe. Recently we have supplied cutting mats into the following areas of Europe: Amsterdam, […]

Rhino Heavy Duty Self Healing Cutting Mats Customer Survey

BeeBeeWraps Self Healing Cutting Mats Case Study

Independent Insight Into The Pros And Cons of Rhino’s Self-Healing Cutting Mats This month, we got in touch with a valued customer, Oliver Walker of Bee Bee Wraps, to ask him for his thoughts on all things Rhino (Cutting Mats of course).  He answered a few questions for us about Rhino, giving us some fascinating […]

Everything You Need to Know About Self-Healing Cutting Mats

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Cutting mats, self-healing cutting mats in particular, are a crafting necessity and take pride of place in any craft room, workshop or kitchen. Working to protect surfaces from damage and marks caused by the use of rotary cutters, craft knives and other sharp, cutting tools during manufacturing, crafting or food preparation processes. Whether you a […]

Comparing Rhino Cutting Mats with OLFA Cutting Mats

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Cutting mats are a fond favourite of crafters around the globe and are best used for protecting craft benches, worktables and other surfaces where one might start a project. Choosing the right cutting mats for crafts for your exact needs requires some thought, and will potentially change depending on the intended use and size of […]

Are Cutting Mats Heat Resistant?

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Self-healing cutting mats have become popular over the recent years, with many industrial and hobby workspaces involving the mats to protect surfaces from a variety of threats. Cutting mats are designed to protect from cutting damage and provide an optimal, blade-friendly work surface, keeping the worktops undamaged and ensuring knives and cutters last as long […]

FREE Cutting Mat Sample Pack

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