Improving Air Purity In Cleanrooms

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Cleanrooms require meticulous control of air quality to maintain a sterile and dust-free environment. The initial cleanroom design and installation is the first thing, but the air quality is also dependent on proper daily operational practice and good maintenance.

What’s The Best Workbench Protection?

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Keeping your bench top in great condition is essential for safe, effective and efficient workmanship. As any maker, engineer or mechanic knows, the typical worktop gets scratched, dented and contaminated with glue, soldering drips and dirt building up in knife marks all too soon. Many different materials have been developed as more durable alternatives to […]

What To Look For In A Workbench

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Buying new workbenches for your workplace is not something most of us do every day – indeed, get the decision right and you won’t need to be buying benches again for a while! Asking “What is the best workbench for our workshop, warehouse or assembly shop?” reveals there are a number of points to consider. […]

How A Custom Workbench Can Help A Production Line

Custom workbenches

Being able to choose a custom workbench out of a range of sizes that suit your trade with anti-static surface protection mats at competitive prices is a big help with morale and output. Assembly lines are the backbone of a broad swath of industries from sophisticated microelectronics, guided missiles, and medical equipment to simple packing […]

Carbon Fibre And Other Composite Materials: Avoiding Cross-Contamination

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Why is Cross-Contamination a Problem? Carbon Fibre (CF) and Kevlar are some of the advanced composites used for the fabrication of many critical components in medical instruments, aerospace, motorsports and other areas which require tightly controlled parameters.   Within the family of Carbon Fibre, different resins can be used along with various other fibre reinforcements such as natural […]

What Uses Can Our Metal Workstations Be Put To?

Metal workstations

For Storage It’s a simple thing but maybe not always obvious but items left in the wrong place or worse, on the floor, are a big drag on time and resources with time being perhaps the most valuable resource that we have. Use our metal workstations or industrial work tables to the maximum we say! […]

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