The Best Commercial Cutting Mats and Work Bench Protection Mats for Various Industrial Applications


Like a thick ‘rhino’ skin, our commercial cutting mats are designed to take your day-to-day heavy-duty requirements with ease. Our extra-large commercial self-healing cutting mats are 4-5mm or 5mm thick and are designed for heavy-usage environments like the textile, signage, 3PL, architecture and automotive industries, to name but a few.

How Do Self-Healing Cutting Mats Work?

The thinner, lighter, and more portable self-healing cutting mats (used by hobbyists and seamstresses at home, or for lighter industrial applications) are made up of compounded pieces of specially selected durable material. When a knife or sharp object pierces the mat, the pieces part and then come together again when the object is removed, unlike a standard mat which is made of a single solid piece and is permanently damaged.

Our industrial-grade cutting mats (used day in and day out in a heavy-usage commercial environment) take self-healing and workbench protection to a new level. Our SupaSeal Clear and Heavy Duty Cutting mats, unlike the thinner and portable ‘crafting mats’, are made from a uniquely pliable but dense material that naturally self-heals.  This gives an even longer-lasting and durable solution, and the mats are double-sided (although the Heavy Duty Mat is only textured on one side) giving twice the life span of single-sided mats.  Not only do they resist physical damage, but they are also impervious to chemicals, and have anti-static properties.

Which Cutting Mat For My Application Or Industry?

The needs of each industry are different, so the below table comparing our commercial-grade cutting mats should help you to choose the right mat for your particular workplace cutting mat needs.

Self-Healing Extra-Large Commercial Cutting Mats Comparison Table; Heavy Duty Cutting Mats vs Translucent (Clear) Industrial Cutting Mats:

Tool / Use / ApplicationRhino Heavy DutyRhino SupaSealRhino Green
ColourSemi-Opaque WhiteClear Blue TintGreen
Light Transmission45%75%0%
Supplied as a RollYESYESNO
Silicone FreeYESYESYES
Self-Healing Properties4/55/55/5
Anti-Glare Surface5/54/55/5
Textured SurfaceYESNONO
Material Flexibility3/54/53/5
Resistance against shock and tears5/55/54/5
Almost Invisible Knife Cuts4/53/55/5
Razor straight Cutting5/54/54/5
Reduce Tramlining when cutting5/54/55/5
Workbench & Surface Protection5/54/54/5
Print & Graphics Trimming5/54/54/5
General Warehouse Use5/55/54/5
Crafts & Photography4/54/55/5
Quilting & Hobbies4/54/55/5
Multi-Purpose Cutting4/54/54/5
Heavy Duty Applications5/54/53/5
Flat-Bed Roller Laminator Table4/55/51/5
Rotary Cutter4/53/55/5
Craft Knife4/54/54/5
Stanley / Power Knife5/54/54/5
Custom Size OptionYESYESNO
Extra Large Sizes AvailableYESYESNO
Industry Standard (A Sizes) AvailableNONOA4 (297x210mm), A3 (420x297mm), A2 (594x420mm), A1 (841x594mm), A0 (1189x841mm)
Largest Mat Size4876 x 1220 / 3657 x 1828mm20,000 x 1800mm2000 x 1000mm
Double-Sided (Use Both Sides)YESYESYES
Printed Flexi-Grid AvailableYES (2440 x 1220mm Only)YES (2440 x 1220mm Only)NO
CNC Shaped (CAD File Required) POAYESYESYES
Solvent Proof / Most Chemical Proof5/54/54/5
Fire Retardant4/54/5 M2 Rated4/5
Heat Resistant4/54/54/5

See below for more in-depth information on the best self-healing cutting mats for Sign-making, Printing and Graphics, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Automotive, 3PL, and Textile, workplace environments.


If your specialism is sign-making, look no further.  We are market leaders in the supply of self-healing cutting mats for signmakers. That’s why our Supaseal mats are specifically made to work with flatbed laminator/roller tables and come double-sided to hugely increase their workable lifespan. If you are concerned about chemical content and environmental impact, the Heavy Duty cutting mats are silicone free and all mats come with our Environmental Promise, that we do not use any products or processes that impact the environment in a harmful way where options allow us.

The printed flexi grid on the Rhino Heavy Duty signmaker’s cutting mat makes measurements a doddle, and the anti-glare property is a huge bonus in brightly lit workshops.  Our reduced tramlining makes uneven cuts a thing of the past with the straight-cut technology incorporated into our Heavy Duty cutting mat.


Often these industries require a tough and dense protection mat, used for heavier-duty knives or just to be used as a tough workbench protection mat. Whether the high volume of goods being pushed or moved around on them or repetitive cutting, the densely textured surface of the Heavy Duty mat is made to withstand years of hard use.

Advanced Manufacturing

If a clear mat is required to cover an illuminated table, for example, the Supaseal although slightly softer, still ensures a long-term solution for a great workbench protection mat.


Warehousing and distributing in an effective manner involves having fully equipped workbenches complete with our commercial 3PL cutting mats. Brilliant for boxing and as worksurfaces for packaging unusual items that involve the cutting and shaping of wrap and materials, our Heavy Duty Bench Mats provide protection for the workbench and knife blades alike.


Complex patterns and swathes of slippery fabric are both easily handled with our Green cutting mat which has a printed grid size available to make cutting to measure, simple. These have a smoother and better self-healing surface and are better suited to sharper and finer scalpels and rotary cutters. If a slightly textured mat is needed and heavier duty production environments, the Heavy Duty mat is another great mat to work alongside the rotary cutters in textile and fabric cutting areas.

Rhino Durabench DB24U 2440x1220 1 150x150 1Rhino Durabench DB24R 2440x1220 Lifestyle 150x150 1Rhino Durabench DB30R 3050x1525 Lifestyle 150x150 1

Did you know – we also offer a wide range of industrial workbenches and tables for heavy-duty applications, with up to 1000Kg UDL.  Combine with a bench protection mat for a complete workstation solution.

If you have any further questions why not just give us a call or pop a question into the chat box and a Rhino representative will help clarify which is the ideal cutting mat for your purpose.

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