Are Social Distancing Screens the Desk Screens of the Future?

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The Evolution Of Office Desk Screens We may regard open-plan offices as a relatively modern invention, but in fact, they go back more than a hundred years to 1906 when the Larkin Administration Building, designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, first opened its doors. Offices with high noise levels – call centres are a prime […]

Rhino Hygienic Cutting Mats: Keep Your Work Surfaces Bacteria Free.

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Stop The Spread Of Viruses And Bacteria Through Our Anti-Bacterial Cutting Mats. ‘Cutting edge’ is how our clients like to describe our products, in more ways than one. Aware of the growing challenges faced by our clients, especially since the rise of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic this year, we have been busy designing our latest […]

Sneeze Guards: Acrylic Screens To Reduce Coronavirus Risks

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Introducing Rhino’s Sneeze Guard Cough Screens Our tough UK-made sneeze guard clear acrylic screens give you increased shielding against coughs and sneezes and help comply with current government advice on social distancing as a result of the Covid 19 restrictions. They can also keep potentially contaminated hands from touching the work surface. The protective plastic […]

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